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Freemasonry, Antichrist Upon Us


“God may, to judge His people and the nation, so ordain to bring us into bondage as chastisement and as judgment. If our personal lives call for this, who are we to reply against God? In the Old Testament, Israel was guilty of idolatrous sins and were under the threat of being taken into bondage into Babylon. It was not considered a patriotic act, but Jeremiah risked his life to give the people God’s instruction. They were told that if they resisted, they would die. If they voluntarily fell before the Chaldeans, they would live. God meant for Israel to be carried into Babylonian captivity for chastisement and judgment. The Babylonian government as an enemy was merely God’s tool against His own people. But later, as in the case with Babylon, God destroys the tool He has used to chastise His people.”