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Revisionism and Brainwashing: A Survey of the War-Guilt Question in Germany


“To those who are interested in the cause of truth and justice one of the most gratifying developments in the last few years has been scattered but encouraging signs of a rebirth in Germany of a search for truth in regard to the causes, merits and aftermath of the second World War. This may and should become comparable to the memorable crusade waged by the Weimar Republic and German Revisionists to establish the responsibility for the first World War and its bearing upon the unjust Treaty of Versailles, especially the notorious war-guilt clause (Article 231) which charged Ger-many and her allies with sole responsibility for the outbreak of the European War in August, 1914. The revisionist case for Germany relative to 1939 is even stronger and more convincing than that with regard to 1914, and the treatment of Germany after 1945 was more harsh and unpardonable than that after 1918, which was based on the Versailles Diktat. The Morgenthau Plan, JCS 1067, and the Potsdam Conference were far more reprehensible than Versailles.”