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Taxation is Robbery


“It is not so very long ago since taxation was a mere orphan child, making modest enough demands upon the people who had adopted him.
But what an alarming change twenty-five or thirty years have wrought. The child has grown to a man, and the man has become a conscienceless thug who, forces his way into every home, steals right and left with impunity, waylays rich and poor alike, and bids them stand and deliver.
The taxation thug is the terror of the neighbourhood, a highway robber who is holding the whole community to ransom.
And the irony of the situation is that it is no use calling the police, for the police, and all the sanctions of the State, are his eiders and abettors!
Taxation’s growing challenge to the security and well-being of the people, provides the amazing spectacle of the State, which condones this brand of economic servitude, being obliged to follow a policy which is entirely alien to the interests of the people who compose it.”