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The Conspiracy to Destroy the Christian West


“Throughout man’s history there have been powerful organizations at work with secret plans for world conquest and the enslavement of the nations. The riders of ancient Assyria and Babylonia put into operation such plans to subdue the nations around them. According to the records of secret Zionism. King Solomon conceived such a plan to conquer the world and to become its master by peaceful means. Throughout the past two thousand years and more a people nursing a secret grievance, have believed that they have a right to subdue and rule mankind. These were the Idumeans, the descendants of Esau, who considered themselves to be the heirs to the promises made to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Genesis 27: 28.29 and 28 : 3-4) They infiltrated and subdued the Jewish nation, and Josephus, the Jewish historian, accuses them of selling out the Jewish State to the Romans before the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus in A.D.70 (Josephus. “The Wars of the Jews”. Book iv, Chapter v.)”