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The Mystery of the Fate of the Ark of the Covenant, by Cyril C. Dobson


The Reverend Cyril C. Dobson, with his Master of Arts, breathes life into the enigmatic tale of the Ark of the Covenant’s fate. His research uncovers the existence of a mysterious cryptogram penned by none other than the biblical prophet Jeremiah, buried deep within the scriptures of the Bible. The document discloses Jeremiah’s heroic deed of saving the sacred Ark from the fiery annihilation of the Temple, only to sequester it within a clandestine subterranean vault located on the Hill of Ophel. However, the secret den, once discovered, was found to have been emptied of its sacred treasure. Further investigations suggest that Jeremiah moved the Ark yet again, to an even more concealed and secluded refuge, where it presumably rests today. This chilling saga of the Ark, pieced together meticulously from Biblical, Archaeological, and Topographical data, weaves in riveting anecdotes of England’s Coronation Stone…

5 x 8 in, 100 pages
First published in 1938