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The Occult Sciences in Atlantis, by Lewis Spence


In another thought-provoking book of Lewis Spence’s scholarly series about Atlantis, The Occult Sciences in Atlantis delves into folkloric and literary pieces of evidence and examines how the once glorious and flourishing continent has influenced and shaped the civilizations of the world as we know it today. Spence draws a connection between mythology, Biblical stories, and what we know about Atlantis from Plato and Diodorus, tying together these tantalizing pieces of information into a compelling argument. Spence posits that there are just too many similarities to the occult practices of Europe, the Near East, and Mesoamerica that they must have been influenced by one great civilization, which is none other than Atlantis.

5 x 8 in, 246 pages
First published in 1943