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The Occult Sciences in Atlantis, by Lewis Spence


In another thought-provoking book of his scholarly series about Atlantis, Mr. Spence deals, in separate chapters, and in a practical and critical manner, with Atlantean belief and practice in the occult arts of Magic, Alchemy, Astrology, Prophecy and Witchcraft, outlines the initiatory processes as known to the Atlantean mystical societies and deals more especially with the higher spiritual quest of the hierophants of the mysterious lost island. No acceptances are made which cannot pass the severest critical tests. Here at last we have what the occult world has so long awaited, an authoritative and categorical account of that earliest form of occult knowledge which had its rise and floreat in the vanished world of the prime, and in which all subsequent arcane tradition may be said to have had its origin.

5 x 8 in, 280 pages
First published in 1943